AffiliateWP – Custom Affiliate Slugs v1.3.0

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AffiliateWP’s Custom Affiliate Slugs addon empowers both you and your affiliates. It allows affiliates to create personalized affiliate links using custom slugs. These slugs replace the usual affiliate ID or username in the referral URL, making affiliate links cleaner, more memorable, and potentially brand-aligned. This can lead to increased click-through rates and ultimately, higher conversions for your online store.

Top 5 Things to Know About AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs:

  1. Branded Affiliate Links: Affiliates can craft custom slugs that reflect their brand identity, increasing trust and recognition for their audience. (e.g., [[invalid URL removed]]?aff=amazinggadgets)
  2. Improved Click-Through Rates: Clean and memorable custom slugs can make affiliate links more visually appealing, potentially leading to a higher click-through rate.
  3. Simplified Tracking: Custom slugs can still be easily tracked within AffiliateWP, ensuring accurate commission attribution for all referrals.
  4. Admin Control: You have the flexibility to choose whether all affiliates can create custom slugs or enable it on a per-affiliate basis.
  5. Easy Implementation: The addon integrates seamlessly with AffiliateWP, and creating custom slugs is a simple process for affiliates within their dashboard.

Top 5 Reasons to Use AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs:

  1. Boost Conversions: Memorable and branded affiliate links can entice clicks and ultimately lead to more sales for your store.
  2. Empower Affiliates: Provide affiliates with more control over their brand image by allowing them to personalize their affiliate links.
  3. Enhanced Tracking Transparency: Custom slugs don’t hinder referral tracking. You’ll still have clear attribution for all commissions earned through affiliate links.
  4. Increased Trustworthiness: Branded affiliate links can appear less like generic marketing and more like genuine recommendations from trusted sources.
  5. Improved User Experience: Clean and professional-looking affiliate links create a better overall user experience for your customers.

Top 5 Features of AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs:

  1. Custom Slug Creation: Affiliates can define their own unique slug to be used in their affiliate links.
  2. Admin Control Panel: You can choose to allow all affiliates or only specific affiliates to create custom slugs.
  3. Seamless Integration: The addon works flawlessly with existing AffiliateWP functionalities.
  4. Clear Tracking: Custom slugs don’t affect referral tracking. You can still accurately track affiliate sales.
  5. Simple User Interface: Creating and managing custom slugs is an easy process for affiliates within their AffiliateWP dashboard.


AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs offers a win-win situation for both you and your affiliates. Affiliates gain control over their brand image, while you potentially benefit from increased click-through rates and conversions. This addon is a simple yet effective way to enhance your affiliate marketing program.

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