AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications v1.2.1

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AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications is a powerful add-on for the popular affiliate management plugin, AffiliateWP. It bridges the gap between your affiliate program and the Pushover notification service, allowing affiliates to receive instant alerts on their mobile devices whenever they earn a new referral commission (with an unpaid status). This real-time notification system keeps affiliates engaged and informed, potentially leading to increased promotional efforts and higher conversions for your business.

Top 5 Things to Know About AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications:

  1. Increased Affiliate Engagement: Pushover notifications deliver instant alerts directly to affiliates’ phones, keeping them updated on their earnings and potentially motivating them to promote your products or services more actively.
  2. Improved Transparency: Affiliates receive real-time updates on new referrals, fostering trust and transparency within your affiliate program.
  3. Actionable Insights: Timely notifications allow affiliates to react quickly to new referral opportunities, potentially leading to faster conversions.
  4. Easy Setup: The add-on integrates seamlessly with AffiliateWP and Pushover, requiring minimal configuration for both you and your affiliates.
  5. Selective Notifications: Affiliates have control over their notification preferences, choosing whether or not to receive Pushover alerts for new referrals.

Top 5 Reasons to Use AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications:

  1. Boost Affiliate Program Performance: By keeping affiliates informed and engaged, Pushover notifications can potentially lead to a significant increase in conversions and overall program success.
  2. Enhance Affiliate Satisfaction: Timely updates and transparency contribute to a more positive affiliate experience, fostering stronger relationships and long-term engagement.
  3. Streamline Communication: Pushover notifications eliminate the need for manual updates or emails, saving you time and effort in communicating with your affiliates.
  4. Actionable Data for Affiliates: Real-time referral alerts empower affiliates to analyze their performance and adjust their promotional strategies for better results.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution: The Pushover Notifications add-on is included with AffiliateWP’s higher-tier plans, offering an affordable way to enhance your affiliate program’s efficiency.

Top 5 Features of AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications:

  1. Seamless Pushover Integration: Connects effortlessly with your Pushover account, allowing you to leverage its notification system for your affiliate program.
  2. Affiliate User Key Management: Affiliates can easily enter their Pushover User Key within their Affiliate Area settings to enable notifications.
  3. Referral Status Tracking: Pushover notifications are triggered only for new referrals with an “unpaid” status, keeping affiliates informed about their pending commissions.
  4. Customization Options: Affiliates have the option to enable or disable Pushover notifications based on their preferences.
  5. Simple Configuration: Requires minimal setup for both you and your affiliates, making it a user-friendly solution.


AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications is a valuable tool for businesses running affiliate programs on WordPress. By leveraging the power of real-time mobile notifications, it keeps affiliates engaged, informed, and potentially drives increased sales and conversions. The easy setup, cost-effectiveness, and focus on actionable data make it a compelling solution for businesses looking to optimize their affiliate marketing efforts.

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