AffiliateWP – Store Credit v2.3.3

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AffiliateWP – Store Credit empowers you to reward your affiliates with store credit instead of traditional cash payouts. This add-on seamlessly integrates with AffiliateWP, allowing you to mark referrals as “paid” by issuing store credit redeemable for future purchases on your website. This strategy can incentivize repeat business from affiliates, potentially boosting customer loyalty and overall sales.

Top 5 Things to Know About AffiliateWP – Store Credit:

  1. Flexible Payout Option: Provides an alternative to traditional cash payouts, offering affiliates the opportunity to earn store credit for their promotional efforts.
  2. Incentivizes Repeat Business: Encourages affiliates to return to your store and utilize their earned credit, potentially leading to increased customer loyalty.
  3. Streamlined Management: Manage affiliate payouts directly within the AffiliateWP interface, marking referrals as “paid” with store credit.
  4. Compatibility with E-commerce Platforms: Supports popular e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (requires the EDD Wallet extension).
  5. Affiliate Credit Tracking: Affiliates can view their store credit balance and transaction history within their dedicated Affiliate Area dashboard.

Top 5 Reasons to Use AffiliateWP – Store Credit:

  1. Improved Cash Flow Management: Store credit payouts minimize upfront costs associated with traditional cash payments.
  2. Boosted Customer Loyalty: Encourages affiliates to become repeat customers, potentially leading to a more sustainable affiliate program.
  3. Increased Sales Potential: Motivated affiliates with store credit are more likely to promote your products, driving potential sales growth.
  4. Flexibility for Affiliates: Provides affiliates with the option to save their earnings for future purchases, catering to diverse preferences.
  5. Simplified Payout Process: Streamlines the payout process by managing everything within the familiar AffiliateWP interface.

Top 5 Features of AffiliateWP – Store Credit:

  1. Store Credit as Payout Option: Mark referrals as “paid” by issuing a designated amount of store credit to the affiliate’s account.
  2. E-commerce Platform Compatibility: Works seamlessly with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (with EDD Wallet extension).
  3. Affiliate Credit Tracking: Affiliates can view their current store credit balance and transaction history within their Affiliate Area.
  4. Subscription Renewals (WooCommerce Only): Allows affiliates to apply store credit towards subscription renewals (requires WooCommerce Subscriptions).
  5. Shortcode Integration (Optional): Display the affiliate’s current store credit balance within their Affiliate Area using a shortcode.


AffiliateWP – Store Credit offers a valuable strategy for businesses running affiliate programs on WordPress. By providing store credit as a payout option, you can incentivize repeat business from affiliates, potentially leading to increased customer loyalty, improved cash flow management, and ultimately, higher sales. The integration with popular e-commerce platforms, affiliate credit tracking, and flexible functionalities make it a compelling solution for businesses looking to diversify their affiliate program’s payout options.

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