AffiliateWP – WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates v1.2

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AffiliateWP – WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates is a free add-on designed to enhance the user experience for affiliates within your WordPress website. It redirects affiliates who log in through the standard WooCommerce “my-account” page to the dedicated Affiliate Area managed by AffiliateWP. This ensures affiliates land in the appropriate section to manage their referrals, statistics, and other program-specific details.

Top 5 Things to Know About AffiliateWP – WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates:

  1. Streamlined User Experience: Redirects affiliates logging in via WooCommerce to the AffiliateWP Affiliate Area, eliminating confusion and guiding them to the relevant management tools.
  2. Improved Navigation: By directing affiliates to the dedicated Affiliate Area, they can easily access all features and functionalities related to their affiliate program participation.
  3. Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with both AffiliateWP and WooCommerce, requiring minimal setup for a smooth user experience.
  4. Customization Option (with filter): While automatic redirection is the default behavior, a filter allows developers to customize the redirect location if needed.
  5. Lightweight and Efficient: This free add-on is lightweight and doesn’t burden your website’s performance.

Top 5 Reasons to Use AffiliateWP – WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates:

  1. Enhanced Affiliate Engagement: A clear and direct path to the Affiliate Area keeps affiliates engaged and focused on managing their program activities.
  2. Reduced Learning Curve: By eliminating the need to navigate to a separate area for affiliate management, this add-on simplifies the process for new affiliates.
  3. Improved Brand Alignment: Redirecting affiliates to the branded Affiliate Area reinforces program recognition and strengthens brand association.
  4. Streamlined Communication: Ensures affiliates receive all program updates and announcements within the dedicated Affiliate Area, fostering better communication.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution: Being a free add-on, it offers a valuable functionality without any additional expense for your affiliate program.

Top 5 Features of AffiliateWP – WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates:

  1. Automatic Affiliate Redirection: Automatically redirects affiliates logging in through WooCommerce to the AffiliateWP Affiliate Area.
  2. Seamless Integration: Requires minimal configuration and works flawlessly with existing AffiliateWP and WooCommerce setups.
  3. Configurable Redirect Location (for Developers): A developer-friendly filter allows customization of the redirect location if necessary for specific program needs.
  4. Lightweight Design: This add-on is resource-efficient and doesn’t impact your website’s performance.
  5. Improved User Interface: Contributes to a more user-friendly experience for affiliates by directing them to the appropriate management interface.


AffiliateWP – WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates is a simple yet valuable add-on for businesses leveraging both AffiliateWP and WooCommerce. It ensures a smoother user experience for affiliates by guiding them directly to the dedicated Affiliate Area, fostering better engagement and program management. The free nature, ease of use, and seamless integration make it a compelling solution for businesses looking to enhance their affiliate program’s usability.

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