Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers v1.0.11

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Take control of your Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) order numbering with Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers. This powerful plugin replaces the default sequential numbering system with a more flexible and informative approach. Manage multiple order number series, customize prefixes and suffixes, and gain a clearer picture of your sales activity.

Top 5 Things to Know About Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers:

  1. Multiple Order Number Series: Create separate series for completed orders, free orders, and even temporary numbers for incomplete purchases.
  2. Customization Options: Define prefixes and suffixes for each series to enhance order identification and organization.
  3. Next Number Control: Manually adjust the starting number for each series, ensuring a smooth transition from your existing system.
  4. Clearer Order Tracking: Improved order numbers provide a better understanding of order status and flow.
  5. Enhanced Reporting: Streamline your reporting process with well-organized and informative order numbers.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers:

  1. Improved Order Organization: Eliminate confusion with clear and consistent order numbering.
  2. Simplified Order Tracking: Quickly identify order status and details based on the assigned number.
  3. Enhanced Customer Service: Provide clear reference points for customers when inquiring about their orders.
  4. Streamlined Reporting: Generate reports with easily identifiable order numbers for better data analysis.
  5. Increased Efficiency: Save time by easily locating specific orders within your EDD system.

Top 5 Features of Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers:

  1. Series Management: Create, enable, and disable multiple order number series based on your needs.
  2. Prefix and Suffix Customization: Tailor order numbers with prefixes like “INV-” or suffixes like “-FY24” for easy categorization.
  3. Starting Number Control: Maintain continuity by manually setting the starting number for each order series.
  4. Temporary Order Numbers: Assign temporary numbers to incomplete purchases, automatically converting to permanent numbers upon completion.
  5. Settings Integration: Seamlessly configure all plugin settings within the familiar EDD settings interface.


For any EDD store owner seeking a more organized and informative order numbering system, Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers is the perfect solution. This plugin empowers you to manage your orders with greater clarity, streamline reporting, and enhance customer service. Invest in this plugin and experience the benefits of a well-structured order numbering system.

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