Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products v1.1.3

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Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Compare Products empowers your download store with a user-friendly product comparison feature. This valuable extension allows customers to easily compare the key features and specifications of multiple downloadable products side-by-side. By enabling product comparisons, you can simplify the buying process, enhance customer confidence, and ultimately drive sales conversions within your WordPress download store.

Top 5 Things to Know About Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products:

  1. Simplified Product Comparison: Customers can effortlessly select and compare the features of multiple downloadable products in a clear and organized table format.
  2. Improved Buying Decisions: By visualizing product differences side-by-side, customers can make informed purchase decisions based on their specific needs.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: This extension empowers customers with valuable information, fostering trust and confidence during the buying process.
  4. Increased Sales Conversions: Clear product comparisons can help eliminate buying hesitation and encourage customers to choose the product that best suits them.
  5. Two Comparison Methods: The extension offers two options: pre-defined comparison tables created by the store owner or a user-driven approach where customers select products to compare.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products:

  1. Boost Customer Confidence: Equip your customers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, fostering trust and reducing buyer’s remorse.
  2. Reduce Sales Objections: Address potential customer concerns by allowing them to compare features and highlight the unique value proposition of each product.
  3. Simplify Complex Product Choices: For stores offering a variety of downloadable products with intricate details, comparison tables provide clarity and simplify decision-making.
  4. Increase Sales Conversions: By empowering customers to choose the perfect product for their needs, product comparisons can significantly improve conversion rates.
  5. Improve Customer Experience: Demonstrate transparency and prioritize customer satisfaction by providing clear product comparisons and facilitating informed purchasing.

Top 5 Features of Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products:

  1. Side-by-Side Comparison Tables: Products are displayed side-by-side in a table format, showcasing key features, specifications, and pricing in a clear and organized manner.
  2. Customizable Comparison Points: Store owners have control over which product attributes are displayed in the comparison table, ensuring they showcase the most relevant information.
  3. Pre-Defined & User-Generated Comparisons: The extension offers the flexibility to create pre-defined comparison tables or allow customers to select products for on-demand comparisons.
  4. Shortcode Integration: Easily integrate comparison tables anywhere on your website using shortcodes for seamless placement within product pages or landing areas.
  5. Mobile-Friendly Design: The comparison tables are responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth user experience across all platforms.


Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products is a valuable tool for any download store owner. By empowering customers with clear product comparisons, you can significantly enhance the buying experience, increase customer confidence, and ultimately drive sales growth within your WordPress store.

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