Easy Digital Downloads MailPoet v1.4.4

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Easy Digital Downloads MailPoet bridges the gap between your online store powered by Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and your email marketing efforts with MailPoet. This powerful extension streamlines email list building by allowing you to automatically subscribe customers to specific MailPoet lists during checkout. Nurture customer relationships, promote new products, and boost sales with targeted email campaigns.

Top 5 Things to Know About Easy Digital Downloads MailPoet:

  1. Automated List Building: Effortlessly collect customer email addresses and add them to relevant MailPoet lists.
  2. Targeted Communication: Segment your audience and send personalized email campaigns based on purchase history.
  3. Streamlined Workflow: Manage your email marketing directly within your EDD dashboard.
  4. Increased Sales Potential: Promote new products, offer discounts, and drive repeat business through targeted emails.
  5. Improved Customer Engagement: Nurture relationships with your customers and keep them informed about your brand.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Easy Digital Downloads MailPoet:

  1. Grow Your Email List: Effortlessly capture customer email addresses at checkout, expanding your marketing reach.
  2. Boost Sales: Promote new products, offer exclusive discounts, and encourage repeat purchases through targeted email campaigns.
  3. Enhance Customer Relationships: Stay connected with your audience, provide valuable content, and build brand loyalty.
  4. Save Time: Manage both your online store and email marketing within a unified platform.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution: Leverages the power of MailPoet, a popular free email marketing plugin for WordPress.

Top 5 Features of Easy Digital Downloads MailPoet:

  1. Global & Product-Specific Lists: Subscribe customers to a general list or specific lists based on purchased products.
  2. Double Opt-In Integration: Ensure confirmed consent with MailPoet’s built-in double opt-in functionality.
  3. Conditional Logic: Set up automated list subscriptions based on specific purchase criteria (e.g., product category).
  4. Merge Tag Compatibility: Personalize your email content using MailPoet’s merge tags to include customer names and purchase details.
  5. Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with both Easy Digital Downloads and MailPoet for a unified experience.


Easy Digital Downloads MailPoet is an essential tool for any EDD store owner looking to leverage email marketing for customer acquisition, engagement, and ultimately, increased sales. This extension simplifies list building, empowers targeted communication, and integrates perfectly with your existing EDD workflow. Invest in Easy Digital Downloads MailPoet and watch your email marketing efforts take flight.

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