Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Limit v1.2.23

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While Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) doesn’t inherently track stock for digital products, the Purchase Limit addon addresses this need. It empowers you to set limitations on the number of times a specific product can be purchased. This functionality is ideal for situations where you might be selling limited quantities of digital products like access to online courses, exclusive content bundles, or digital event tickets.

Top 5 Things to Know About Purchase Limit Addon:

  1. Control Purchase Quantities: Set a limit on the total number of times a specific downloadable product can be purchased.
  2. Individual Product Control: Apply purchase limits on a per-product basis, offering flexibility in managing your downloadable inventory.
  3. Sales Tracking: The addon factors in existing lifetime sales when setting the purchase limit, ensuring you don’t accidentally allow overselling.
  4. Expiry Dates (Optional): In addition to purchase limits, you can optionally set start and end dates for product availability, creating limited-time offers.
  5. Clear User Communication: The addon displays a user-friendly message when the purchase limit is reached, informing customers that the product is sold out.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Purchase Limit Addon:

  1. Prevent Overselling: Ensure you don’t accidentally sell more of a product than you have available, especially for limited-time offers or exclusive content.
  2. Manage Limited Quantities: Control the availability of digital products that might have a restricted quantity, like access to online courses or event tickets.
  3. Create Scarcity & Urgency: Limited purchase quantities can create a sense of scarcity and urgency, potentially boosting sales through fear of missing out.
  4. Exclusive Product Offerings: Offer limited-edition digital products or exclusive content bundles with the purchase limit addon.
  5. Improved Customer Experience: Prevent customer frustration by clearly communicating when a product is sold out, managing expectations effectively.

Top 5 Features of Purchase Limit Addon:

  1. Per-Product Purchase Limits: Set individual purchase limits for each downloadable product in your EDD store.
  2. Lifetime Sales Integration: The addon considers existing sales figures when establishing the purchase limit, preventing accidental overselling.
  3. Optional Expiry Dates: Define start and end dates for product availability alongside purchase limits for limited-time offers or exclusive content.
  4. Sold-Out Message Customization: Customize the message displayed to customers when the purchase limit is reached, ensuring clear communication.
  5. Easy Configuration: Manage purchase limits and expiry dates directly within the product settings of each downloadable item in your EDD store.


The Purchase Limit addon for Easy Digital Downloads provides a valuable tool for managing the availability of your digital products. By setting purchase limits and optional expiry dates, you can prevent overselling, create a sense of urgency, and offer exclusive product bundles. This addon is especially beneficial for situations where you might have limited quantities of downloadable products.

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