Easy Digital Downloads Zapier v1.3.11

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Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Zapier is a powerful combination that unlocks a new level of automation for your WordPress download store. By connecting EDD with Zapier, you can seamlessly integrate your sales process with over 5,000 web services, eliminating repetitive tasks and streamlining your workflow. This dynamic duo empowers you to automate tasks like sending personalized emails, managing customer records, and integrating with popular marketing and accounting tools.

Top 5 Things to Know About Easy Digital Downloads Zapier:

  1. Effortless Automation: Automate repetitive tasks triggered by EDD events, such as new purchases, customer registrations, or abandoned carts. Free up your time to focus on growing your business.
  2. Seamless Integrations: Connect EDD with a vast library of over 5,000 apps, including email marketing platforms, CRMs, accounting software, and more.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Personalize your customer journey by automatically sending welcome emails, triggered downloads, or discount codes based on purchase behavior.
  4. Streamlined Workflow: Simplify your operations by automatically adding new customers to your CRM, updating accounting records, or generating reports after a successful sale.
  5. Improved Efficiency: Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors by automating tasks and ensuring data consistency across various platforms.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Easy Digital Downloads Zapier:

  1. Save Time & Boost Productivity: Focus on strategic initiatives while Zapier handles the repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for you and your team.
  2. Boost Sales & Conversions: Automate targeted marketing campaigns to nurture leads, reward repeat customers, and drive sales growth.
  3. Simplify Customer Management: Automate customer onboarding, send personalized communication, and streamline customer support processes.
  4. Gain Valuable Insights: Automate data collection and reporting to gain insights into customer behavior and make data-driven decisions.
  5. Reduce Errors & Maintain Accuracy: Eliminate the risk of manual errors by automating data transfer across platforms, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Top 5 Features of Easy Digital Downloads Zapier:

  1. Trigger-Based Automation: Set up automated workflows (Zaps) triggered by specific EDD events, such as a new purchase or customer registration.
  2. Customizable Workflows: Tailor Zaps to your specific needs by selecting the desired actions for each connected app.
  3. Conditional Logic: Add conditional statements to your Zaps for more complex automation, ensuring actions are only triggered when specific criteria are met.
  4. Data Filtering: Filter EDD data to ensure only relevant information is sent to connected apps, keeping your workflows focused.
  5. Multi-Step Zaps: Create intricate workflows with multiple actions across different apps, allowing for complex automation scenarios.


Easy Digital Downloads Zapier is a game-changer for WordPress download store owners. By automating tasks, streamlining workflows, and enhancing customer experiences, this powerful combination empowers you to focus on growth and achieve new heights of success.

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