Envira Gallery – Printing Addon v1.4.1

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Envira Gallery’s Printing Addon empowers you to enhance the user experience of your WordPress website by allowing visitors to easily print photos directly from your Envira galleries. This user-friendly addon eliminates the need for visitors to download, open, and then print images – they can do it all within your website with a single click.

Top 5 Things to Know About Envira Gallery – Printing Addon:

  1. Convenient Printing: Provide visitors with a hassle-free way to print their favorite photos directly from your Envira galleries.
  2. Increased User Engagement: This functionality can enhance the user experience and encourage visitors to spend more time browsing your photos.
  3. Easy to Use: Visitors can print photos with a single click on the dedicated “Print” button within the gallery view or lightbox view.
  4. Customization Options: Choose the placement and appearance of the “Print” button to seamlessly integrate with your gallery design.
  5. Compatible with Free and Pro Versions: The Printing Addon works flawlessly with both Envira Gallery Lite (free) and Envira Gallery Pro versions.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Envira Gallery – Printing Addon:

  1. Improved User Experience: Offer a valuable convenience to your visitors by allowing them to easily print photos they admire.
  2. Increased Sales Potential: For photographers or artists selling prints, this addon can encourage purchases by simplifying the printing process.
  3. Showcase Print Quality: Allow visitors to assess the quality of your photos firsthand through printing, potentially leading to sales or inquiries.
  4. Enhanced Brand Perception: Providing a seamless printing option demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail, fostering a positive brand image.
  5. Multipurpose Functionality: This addon caters to various uses, from personal printing of favorite photos to printing product samples or portfolio pieces.

Top 5 Features of Envira Gallery – Printing Addon:

  1. Dedicated “Print” Button: A clear and easily identifiable button allows visitors to initiate the printing process.
  2. Flexible Button Placement: Choose where the “Print” button appears within the gallery or lightbox view for optimal user experience.
  3. Customization Options: Fine-tune the button’s appearance (color, size) to match the aesthetics of your Envira galleries.
  4. Cross-Browser Compatibility: The addon ensures the printing functionality works seamlessly across various web browsers.
  5. Lightweight and Fast: This addon won’t negatively impact your website’s loading speed.


Envira Gallery’s Printing Addon is a user-centric feature that adds significant value to your WordPress photography website. By offering a convenient way for visitors to print their favorite photos directly from your galleries, you can enhance user engagement, potentially boost sales, and project a professional image.

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