Envira Gallery – Protection Addon v1.3.7

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Envira Gallery’s Protection Addon tackles a common concern for photographers and website owners: image theft. This user-friendly addon offers a layer of protection by disabling the ability for visitors to right-click and download your images directly from Envira galleries. While it doesn’t guarantee complete security, it discourages casual copying and protects your intellectual property.

Top 5 Things to Know About Envira Gallery – Protection Addon:

  1. Right-Click Disabling: Prevents visitors from right-clicking on your images within the gallery or lightbox view, hindering easy downloads.
  2. Simple Activation: Enable image protection with a single click for all new galleries or apply it selectively to existing ones.
  3. Optional Popup Alert: Choose to display a popup message discouraging visitors from attempting to download protected images.
  4. Seamless Integration: The Protection Addon integrates flawlessly with both the free Envira Gallery Lite and the premium Envira Gallery Pro versions.
  5. Lightweight and Fast: The addon won’t negatively impact your website’s loading speed.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Envira Gallery – Protection Addon:

  1. Discourage Image Theft: This addon creates a barrier against casual image downloads, protecting your valuable work.
  2. Maintain Control: Ensure your images are displayed on your website, but not easily downloaded for unauthorized use.
  3. Peace of Mind: Gain peace of mind knowing you’ve taken a step towards safeguarding your intellectual property.
  4. Multiple Protection Layers: Combine this addon with watermarks (available in Envira Gallery Pro) for a stronger defense against image theft.
  5. Easy to Use: The user-friendly interface makes activating and managing image protection a breeze.

Top 5 Features of Envira Gallery – Protection Addon:

  1. Right-Click Disabling: Disables the right-click function on images within Envira galleries and lightbox views.
  2. Optional Popup Alert: Choose to display a customizable popup message deterring visitors from downloading protected images.
  3. Individual Gallery Protection: Apply image protection to specific galleries or enable it globally for all new galleries.
  4. Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with both Envira Gallery Lite and Envira Gallery Pro versions.
  5. Lightweight and Fast: Minimal impact on website performance.


While complete prevention of image theft is impossible, Envira Gallery’s Protection Addon provides a valuable layer of security for your photos. By disabling right-click downloads and offering an optional popup deterrent, this addon discourages casual copying and safeguards your intellectual property.

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