EventOn Daily View v2.1.10

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Focus on one day at a time with EventOn Daily View. This addon for the EventOn plugin enhances your event calendar by offering a dedicated daily view. EventOn Daily View showcases events scheduled for a single day in a clear and concise format, making it easy for visitors to find specific activities and plan their days.

Top 5 Things to Know About EventOn Daily View:

  1. Dedicated Daily View: Focuses on events happening on a single chosen day, providing a detailed overview.
  2. Day Navigation Buttons: Easily navigate between days using forward and backward buttons to explore the event calendar.
  3. Color-Coded Event Dots (Optional): (Requires additional configuration) Shows colored dots next to dates indicating the presence of multiple events, offering a visual cue.
  4. Focus Date Box: Displays the currently selected date and the number of events scheduled for that day.
  5. Option to Show Only Today’s Events: Choose to display only events happening on the current date for a more streamlined view (requires configuration).

Top 5 Reasons to Use EventOn Daily View:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The daily view allows visitors to easily find events planned for specific days.
  2. Improved Event Discovery: Focus on a single day helps visitors discover events they might miss in a broader calendar view.
  3. Streamlined Event Exploration: Day navigation buttons and optional colored event dots (with configuration) make exploring the calendar efficient.
  4. Clear Daily Overview: The focus date box and event list provide a quick and informative summary of the day’s events.
  5. Option for Focused Browsing: The ability to display only today’s events allows visitors to concentrate on immediate event options (requires configuration).

Top 5 Features of EventOn Daily View:

  1. Single Day Focus: The calendar view zooms in on a specific day, showcasing all the events scheduled for that date.
  2. Forward and Backward Navigation: Visitors can easily navigate between days to explore upcoming events or revisit previous days.
  3. Optional Colored Event Dots (Requires Configuration): Colored dots next to dates visually indicate if there are multiple events planned for that day (requires additional setup).
  4. Focus Date with Event Count: The focus date box displays the current date and the total number of events scheduled.
  5. Optional “Today’s Events” View (Requires Configuration): Choose to display only the events happening on the current day for a more targeted browsing experience (requires configuration).


EventOn Daily View provides a user-centric way to explore event calendars on your WordPress website. By offering a dedicated daily view, you empower visitors to easily discover and plan their event attendance, ultimately leading to a more engaging experience with your event calendar.

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