EventOn Event Lists: Ext v1.0.2

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EventOn Event Lists: Ext is a powerful addon for the popular EventOn plugin that significantly expands your control over how events are displayed on your WordPress website. It allows you to create a wider variety of event list formats, giving you more flexibility to showcase your events in a way that best suits your needs and visitor preferences.

Top 5 Things to Know About EventOn Event Lists: Ext:

  1. Diverse Event List Types: Go beyond the default view and create lists showcasing upcoming events, past events, events within a specific date range, or a limited number of upcoming events regardless of the month.
  2. Customizable Cut-Off Dates: Override the default EventON settings and define custom cut-off times for differentiating between past and upcoming events.
  3. Sorting and Filtering: Allow visitors to sort and filter event lists based on various criteria like date, title, or category, enhancing usability.
  4. Separated by Months (Optional): (Optional configuration) Organize events within list formats by month for improved visual separation and easier navigation for visitors with many events.
  5. Continuous Events: Showcase events regardless of month boundaries in a dedicated list format, ideal for recurring events or events spanning multiple months.

Top 5 Reasons to Use EventOn Event Lists: Ext:

  1. Increased Display Flexibility: Create various event list formats to match your website’s design and content organization.
  2. Improved User Experience: Offer visitors different ways to browse events, allowing them to find what they’re interested in more efficiently.
  3. Streamlined Event Navigation: Sorting, filtering, and clear organization by month (optional) make it easier for visitors to navigate large event calendars.
  4. Highlight Specific Events: Use dedicated list formats to draw attention to upcoming events, past events, or ongoing events.
  5. Cater to Recurring Events: The continuous event list format is ideal for showcasing events happening on multiple dates throughout a longer period.

Top 5 Features of EventOn Event Lists: Ext:

  1. Multiple List Type Options: Choose from various list formats like upcoming events, past events, date range specific events, limited upcoming events, and continuous events.
  2. Customizable Past Event Cut-Off: Define the specific timeframe that determines which events are considered “past” within your event listings.
  3. Sorting and Filtering Functionality: Integrate sorting and filtering options into your event lists, allowing visitors to refine their search based on preferences.
  4. Optional Month Separation: (Optional configuration) Organize events within lists by month for a clearer visual structure in case of a large event calendar.
  5. Dedicated Continuous Event List: Display events spanning multiple months in a separate list format, ideal for recurring events.


EventOn Event Lists: Ext empowers you to craft a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience for visitors browsing your event calendar on WordPress. With a wider range of event list formats and customization options, you can effectively showcase your events, improve navigation, and cater to diverse visitor preferences.

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