EventOn Weekly View v2.1.5

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Simplify event browsing for your website visitors with EventOn Weekly View. This addon for the popular EventON plugin replaces the default calendar view with a user-friendly weekly layout. EventOn Weekly View allows visitors to see a clear overview of upcoming events for the entire week, making it easy to plan their schedules and discover new activities.

Top 5 Things to Know About EventOn Weekly View:

  1. Weekly Calendar Layout: Displays events for a complete week at a time, providing a clear and concise overview.
  2. Continuous Week Navigation: Visitors can easily navigate between weeks with forward and backward buttons, exploring upcoming events.
  3. Color-Coded Event Tabs (Optional): (Requires additional configuration) Categorize events with color-coded tabs for quick visual identification.
  4. Event Tooltips: Hovering over an event reveals a tooltip with the event title for a quick glance at the details.
  5. Seamless Integration: Integrates smoothly with the existing EventON interface for a familiar user experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Use EventOn Weekly View:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The weekly view makes it easier for visitors to browse and plan their event attendance.
  2. Improved Event Discovery: Visitors can quickly scan the entire week’s events, potentially uncovering activities they might have missed.
  3. Streamlined Navigation: Continuous week navigation allows visitors to effortlessly explore upcoming events.
  4. Increased Visual Appeal (Optional): Color-coded event tabs can enhance the visual presentation of your calendar (requires additional configuration).
  5. Clear Event Previews: Event tooltips provide a quick way to view event titles without needing to click on each event.

Top 5 Features of EventOn Weekly View:

  1. Weekly Calendar Grid: Displays a clear grid layout showcasing events throughout the chosen week.
  2. Forward and Backward Week Navigation: Allows visitors to easily navigate between past and future weeks to explore events.
  3. Event Titles Within the Grid: Event titles are displayed directly within the calendar grid for a quick overview.
  4. Hover Tooltips for Event Titles: Hovering over an event reveals a tooltip displaying the full event title.
  5. Optional Color-Coded Event Categories: (Requires additional configuration) Categorize events with color-coded tabs for improved visual organization (additional configuration required).


EventOn Weekly View offers a user-centric approach to event browsing on your WordPress website. The clear weekly layout and intuitive navigation empower visitors to easily plan their schedules and discover upcoming events, fostering better engagement with your event calendar.

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