FacetWP – Hierarchy Select v0.5.2

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FacetWP’s Hierarchy Select facet type empowers you to manage complex taxonomies on your WordPress website. It transforms hierarchical data structures, like product categories or location taxonomies, into user-friendly dropdown menus. Visitors can effortlessly navigate through layers of categories, filtering content with a few clicks.

Top 5 Things to Know About FacetWP – Hierarchy Select:

  1. Simplified Navigation for Complex Taxonomies: Break down intricate category structures into manageable dropdown menus, making navigation a breeze for visitors.
  2. Automatic Indexing: FacetWP automatically indexes hierarchical relationships within your taxonomies. No need for complex manual setup.
  3. Multi-Level Filtering: Visitors can filter content by selecting categories across multiple levels within the hierarchy, allowing for precise search refinement.
  4. Seamless Integration: The Hierarchy Select facet integrates smoothly with existing FacetWP setups, requiring minimal configuration.
  5. Lightweight and Efficient: Enjoy the benefits of hierarchical filtering without compromising website performance.

Top 5 Reasons to Use FacetWP – Hierarchy Select:

  1. Improved User Experience: Visitors can navigate complex websites with ease, reducing frustration and improving overall user experience.
  2. Enhanced Content Discoverability: By simplifying navigation, users are more likely to explore different sections of your website and discover relevant content.
  3. Increased Conversions (For E-commerce): Streamlined navigation in online stores can lead to faster product discovery and potentially higher conversion rates.
  4. Ideal for Multi-Layered Categories: Websites with extensive category structures, like product catalogs or location-based listings, benefit greatly from Hierarchy Select.
  5. Reduced Support Tickets: Clear and intuitive navigation can minimize user confusion and decrease the need for support inquiries.

Top 5 Features of FacetWP – Hierarchy Select:

  1. Multi-Level Dropdown Menus: Visitors can navigate through multiple levels of categories within a single facet.
  2. Automatic Hierarchy Recognition: FacetWP automatically detects and utilizes hierarchical relationships within your taxonomies.
  3. Customizable Labels: Tailor the labels for each level of the dropdown menu to match your website’s terminology.
  4. Empty Child Dropdown Handling: Control how the facet behaves when a parent category is selected but has no child options.
  5. Lightweight and Performance-Optimized: Hierarchy Select operates efficiently without impacting website loading speed.


FacetWP – Hierarchy Select is a valuable tool for websites with complex taxonomies. It simplifies navigation, improves user experience, and can even lead to increased conversions. This facet type empowers visitors to explore your website with ease, ultimately enhancing their overall experience. If you manage a website with intricate category structures, FacetWP – Hierarchy Select is a strong contender to consider for streamlining navigation.

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