Gravity Flow – Folders Extension v1.8

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Struggling to manage a complex workflow with numerous entries in Gravity Flow? The Folders Extension offers a user-friendly solution for administrators. It allows for organizing workflow entries into designated groups, enhancing accessibility and streamlining the process. This extension creates a folder structure similar to the status page, accessible via the WordPress admin panel or the front-end using a shortcode.

Top 5 Things to Know About Gravity Flow Folders Extension:

  1. Organization Powerhouse: Group workflow entries into logical categories, making it easier to find specific entries and improve overall workflow management.
  2. User Access Control: Assign folder visibility to specific users or user roles, ensuring data privacy and controlled access.
  3. Frontend and Backend Display: Access folders and their contents from both the WordPress admin panel and the front-end using a shortcode, providing flexibility for users.
  4. Entry Management: Effortlessly add or remove entries from folders using the “Add to Folder” step or through admin actions within Gravity Flow.
  5. Filtering Options: Filter entries within folders by form and field values for efficient navigation and identification of specific entries.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Gravity Flow Folders Extension:

  1. Enhanced Workflow Management: Organize entries logically, reducing clutter and streamlining workflow processes.
  2. Improved User Experience: Provide users with easier access to relevant entries based on their assigned folder permissions.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Save time by quickly locating specific entries within designated folders.
  4. Boosted User Control: Grant access to folders based on user roles, ensuring data security and controlled visibility.
  5. Simplified Reporting: Gain a clearer view of workflow progress by analyzing entries grouped within folders.

Top 5 Features of Gravity Flow Folders Extension:

  1. Folder Creation and Management: Effortlessly create and manage folders directly within the Gravity Flow workflow settings.
  2. User Permissions: Assign folder visibility to specific users or user roles, granting controlled access to entries.
  3. Shortcode Functionality: Display folders and their contents on the front-end of your website using a shortcode.
  4. Entry Filtering: Filter entries within folders by form and field values for targeted searches and easy identification.
  5. Multiple Folder Assignment: Add entries to multiple folders for comprehensive organization based on different criteria.


The Gravity Flow Folders Extension is a valuable asset for any user managing complex workflows with numerous entries. By offering a user-friendly folder structure, enhanced access control, and efficient entry management, this extension empowers administrators to streamline workflows and improve the overall user experience.

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