JetFormBuilder – Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin v3.3.4.1

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JetFormBuilder empowers you to create and customize intricate forms directly within the Gutenberg block editor. Ditch separate form builders! This plugin seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, allowing you to design functional and visually appealing forms using familiar blocks. From simple contact forms to multi-step applications, JetFormBuilder equips you with the tools to craft forms that perfectly match your website’s needs and enhance user experience.

Top 5 Things to Know About JetFormBuilder:

  1. Gutenberg-Native: JetFormBuilder leverages the Gutenberg editor, eliminating the need for additional form builder interfaces. Build and edit forms directly alongside your content.
  2. Advanced Field Types: Go beyond basic text fields. Create complex forms with 24+ field blocks, including radio buttons, date pickers, repeaters, and more.
  3. Conditional Logic: Craft dynamic forms that adapt based on user input. Show or hide specific fields based on selections, personalizing the user experience.
  4. Stylish Customization: Take full control over the look and feel of your forms. Utilize the JetStyleManager to tailor fonts, colors, and styling for each form element.
  5. Powerful Integrations: Integrate JetFormBuilder with various third-party services. Send form submissions to your CRM, marketing automation platform, or payment gateway.

Top 5 Reasons to Use JetFormBuilder:

  1. Effortless Form Creation: Ditch complex form builders. JetFormBuilder utilizes the familiar Gutenberg interface, making form creation intuitive and efficient.
  2. Advanced Form Functionality: Craft powerful forms that go beyond basic contact information. Design multi-step applications, user registration forms, or intricate surveys.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Build dynamic forms that adapt to user input, making form filling a breeze. Increase form completion rates with a user-friendly experience.
  4. Seamless Design Integration: Design forms that perfectly match your website’s aesthetic. Customize fonts, colors, and styling for a cohesive user experience.
  5. Streamlined Workflows: Integrate JetFormBuilder with your favorite tools. Automate form submissions and connect your forms to your existing workflow.

Top 5 Features of JetFormBuilder:

  1. 24+ Field Blocks: Choose from a diverse range of field types to create any form imaginable. From text fields to file uploads, design forms that capture the specific data you need.
  2. Conditional Logic: Craft intelligent forms with conditional logic. Show or hide fields based on user input, creating a personalized and dynamic form experience.
  3. Repeater Fields: Collect multiple sets of similar data with ease. Utilize repeater fields for product listings, surveys with multiple answer options, or any scenario requiring repeated data entry.
  4. Calculated Fields: Perform calculations within your forms. Automatically calculate totals, discounts, or other values based on user input, saving users time and effort.
  5. Third-Party Integrations: Connect JetFormBuilder with a wide range of third-party services. Integrate with your CRM, email marketing tool, payment processor, and more, automating workflows.


JetFormBuilder empowers you to create powerful and visually appealing forms directly within the Gutenberg editor. With its intuitive interface, advanced features, and seamless design integration, JetFormBuilder is a valuable asset for any WordPress user seeking to enhance their website’s functionality and user experience.

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