Jetsloth – Gravity Forms Tooltips v1.1.60

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Streamline your Gravity Forms and enhance user experience with Jetsloth’s Gravity Forms Tooltips add-on. This add-on empowers you to add informative tooltips to your form fields and radio/checkbox options. These tooltips provide users with contextual information on demand, improving form clarity and reducing errors.

Top 5 Things to Know About Jetsloth – Gravity Forms Tooltips:

  1. Enhanced Form Clarity: Provide users with additional information about form fields and options through tooltips, improving form comprehension.
  2. Reduced User Errors: Help users avoid mistakes by offering contextual explanations within tooltips.
  3. Improved User Experience: Offer a more user-friendly form filling experience by providing on-demand information.
  4. Flexibility in Use: Add tooltips to any form field label or individual radio and checkbox options for targeted information delivery.
  5. HTML Support: Enrich your tooltips with HTML formatting for a more visually appealing and informative user experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Jetsloth – Gravity Forms Tooltips:

  1. Increased Form Completion Rates: Reduce user confusion and improve form completion rates by providing clear explanations within tooltips.
  2. Improved Data Quality: Ensure users enter accurate data by offering guidance and clarification through tooltips.
  3. Simplified Complex Forms: Break down complex forms into easier-to-understand sections with the help of tooltips.
  4. Enhanced User Support: Offer on-demand explanations within the form itself, reducing the need for external support resources.
  5. Boosted User Confidence: Empower users by providing them with the information they need to fill out forms correctly and confidently.

Top 5 Features of Jetsloth – Gravity Forms Tooltips:

  1. Tooltip Content Management: Easily add and manage tooltip content for each field label or individual radio/checkbox option within Gravity Forms settings.
  2. HTML Formatting: Format your tooltip content with HTML for visual enhancements and clearer information presentation.
  3. Placement Options: Choose the desired tooltip placement, including top left, top, top right, right, bottom right, bottom left, and left.
  4. Style Customization: Customize the appearance of your tooltips with various style options like icon selection, icon size, icon color, font size, text color, and background color.
  5. Maximum Width Control: Set a maximum width for your tooltips to ensure optimal display on different screen sizes.


Jetsloth’s Gravity Forms Tooltips add-on offers a valuable solution for improving the clarity and user experience of your Gravity Forms. By providing contextual information on demand, it empowers users, reduces errors, and streamlines the form filling process. With its flexible configuration options and user-friendly interface, this add-on is a great choice for anyone seeking to enhance their Gravity Forms and boost user engagement.

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