Teams for WooCommerce Memberships v1.7.3

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Teams for WooCommerce Memberships unlocks a powerful new way to sell your memberships. This official WooCommerce extension allows you to offer memberships designed for groups, organizations, companies, and families. Instead of individual purchases, a single team owner handles billing and grants access to other members they invite. This streamlines membership management for both you and your customers, making it perfect for corporate training accounts, family plans, and group subscriptions to exclusive content.

Top 5 Things to Know About Teams for WooCommerce Memberships:

  1. Requires WooCommerce Memberships: This plugin is an extension, so you’ll need the WooCommerce Memberships plugin (sold separately) to function.
  2. Sell Team Memberships: Create membership plans specifically for groups, allowing one purchase to grant access to multiple users.
  3. Team Owner Manages Billing: The team owner you designate takes responsibility for payments and renewals, simplifying group subscriptions.
  4. Flexible Membership Management: Team owners can invite, remove, and manage member access within their team.
  5. Works with Subscriptions: Integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions for recurring billing on team memberships.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Teams for WooCommerce Memberships:

  1. Increase Sales: Attract businesses and organizations looking for group memberships, expanding your customer base.
  2. Simplify Group Management: Streamline membership access for teams and families, reducing administrative burdens for both you and your customers.
  3. Recurring Revenue: Leverage subscriptions to ensure ongoing revenue from team memberships.
  4. Offer Exclusive Benefits: Create tiered membership plans with features specifically designed for teams, like increased member capacity.
  5. Improved User Experience: Provide a smooth and efficient membership experience for teams and organizations.

Top 5 Features of Teams for WooCommerce Memberships:

  1. Team Creation: Easily set up team memberships with designated owners who manage access.
  2. Member Invitations: Team owners can invite new members and control their access levels within the team.
  3. Billing Management: Team owners handle payments and renewals for the entire team.
  4. Subscription Integration: Works seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions for recurring team memberships.
  5. Flexible Pricing: Set per-member or per-team pricing for your membership plans.


Teams for WooCommerce Memberships unlocks a powerful and flexible way to offer group memberships on your WooCommerce store. By simplifying team management and billing, you can attract new customers, increase sales, and create a more streamlined membership experience for everyone involved.

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