WooCommerce Private Store by Barn2 Plugins v1.7.6

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WooCommerce Private Store by Barn2 Plugins allows you to transform your WooCommerce store into a hidden gem, accessible only to authorized users. This plugin caters to businesses with specific customer segments, like B2B companies or membership websites. You can choose between password protection or user role restrictions to control access to your store, ensuring only those you designate can view and purchase your products.

Top 5 Things to Know About WooCommerce Private Store:

  1. Selective Access: Control who sees your store with password protection or user role restrictions.
  2. Multiple Password Options: Set one or more passwords to unlock your private store.
  3. User Role Management: Grant access to specific user roles like “wholesalers” or “members.”
  4. Hidden from Public View: The entire WooCommerce store, including products and pages, becomes invisible to non-authorized users.
  5. Easy Setup & Use: The plugin offers a user-friendly interface for configuration, making it simple to establish your private store.

Top 5 Reasons to Use WooCommerce Private Store:

  1. Control Customer Visibility: Showcase products exclusively to targeted audiences like wholesalers or VIP customers.
  2. Enhance Brand Exclusivity: Create a sense of exclusivity for your brand by offering products in a private setting.
  3. Membership Website Integration: Integrate your private store seamlessly with a membership website for a cohesive user experience.
  4. Manage B2B Transactions: Facilitate secure B2B transactions with password protection or role-based access.
  5. Protect Sensitive Information: Shield confidential product details or pricing information from the public eye.

Top 5 Features of WooCommerce Private Store:

  1. Login Form Shortcode: Easily integrate a login form anywhere on your website using the provided shortcode.
  2. Password Protection: Set up one or more passwords to control access to your private store.
  3. User Role Access: Define specific user roles (e.g., “admin,” “editor”) who can view the private store.
  4. Optional Login Redirection: Redirect users to a specific page after successful login.
  5. Hide Additional Pages (Optional): Choose to hide additional WooCommerce-related pages beyond the store itself.


WooCommerce Private Store by Barn2 Plugins offers a user-friendly and effective solution for creating a password-protected or role-restricted WooCommerce store. This plugin empowers you to control product visibility, cater to specific customer segments, and potentially boost sales through targeted marketing strategies. With its ease of use and valuable features, WooCommerce Private Store is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to establish an exclusive online shopping experience.

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