WP Job Manager Applications Add-on v3.2.0

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The WP Job Manager Applications Add-on transforms your job board website by allowing candidates to apply directly through a customizable application form. This eliminates the need for directing applicants to separate email addresses or websites, streamlining the hiring process for both employers and candidates. This free add-on integrates seamlessly with the core WP Job Manager plugin, making it easy to add a valuable functionality to your existing job board.

Top 5 Things to Know About WP Job Manager Applications Add-on:

  1. Streamlined Applications: Replace impersonal email links with a user-friendly application form, giving candidates a smooth application experience.
  2. Customizable Forms: Design application forms that match your specific needs. Include fields for candidate information, cover letters, and resume uploads.
  3. Employer Dashboard: Manage applications efficiently. Review applications, leave private notes, and organize applicants by status directly from the employer dashboard.
  4. Email Notifications: Get instant alerts when new applications arrive and automatically send confirmation emails to candidates.
  5. Free and Easy to Use: This free add-on requires minimal setup and integrates effortlessly with your existing WP Job Manager plugin.

Top 5 Reasons to Use WP Job Manager Applications Add-on:

  1. Improved Candidate Experience: Provide a professional and convenient application process for potential hires, increasing applicant satisfaction.
  2. Centralized Application Management: Review all applications in one place, saving employers time and effort.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Reduce back-and-forth communication by collecting all application information directly through the form.
  4. Better Organization: Categorize applicants by status (e.g., new, interviewed) to streamline the recruitment process.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution: This free add-on offers significant value without breaking the bank.

Top 5 Features of WP Job Manager Applications Add-on:

  1. Customizable Application Forms: Create forms tailored to specific job requirements, allowing you to collect the most relevant information.
  2. Resume Uploads: Enable candidates to easily attach their resumes directly through the application form.
  3. Employer Dashboard: Manage applications effectively with a dedicated employer dashboard for reviewing, sorting, and taking action on applications.
  4. Email Notifications: Stay informed with automatic email alerts for new applications and send confirmation emails to candidates.
  5. Integration with Other Add-ons: The Applications add-on works seamlessly with other WP Job Manager add-ons, such as Resume Manager, for a more comprehensive hiring solution.


The WP Job Manager Applications Add-on is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your job board website. By offering a streamlined application process and centralized management tools, this free add-on empowers employers to make better hiring decisions and improves the candidate experience.

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