WP Job Manager Job Tags Add-on v1.4.6

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Elevate your job board’s functionality and user experience with the WP Job Manager Job Tags Add-on. This powerful plugin allows employers to categorize their job postings with relevant tags, while job seekers can leverage these tags to filter and refine their searches. By enhancing search capabilities, this add-on leads to a more efficient and targeted job search experience for everyone involved.

Top 5 Things to Know About WP Job Manager Job Tags Add-on:

  1. Effortless Tagging: Employers can easily add relevant tags (e.g., skills, experience, software) to their job listings during the creation process.
  2. Tag Cloud Display: A visually appealing tag cloud displays all available job tags on your job board, providing an overview of searchable categories. (Shortcode functionality is included)
  3. Advanced Search Filtering: Job seekers can filter their searches by specific tags, allowing them to find jobs that align with their qualifications and interests.
  4. Multiple Tag Selection: Job seekers can select and combine multiple tags to further refine their search results and target their job hunt.
  5. Improved Search Accuracy: Job tags lead to more relevant search results for both employers (targeted applicants) and job seekers (suitable opportunities).

Top 5 Reasons to Use WP Job Manager Job Tags Add-on:

  1. Enhanced Job Board Functionality: Empowers users with a powerful search and filtering system, leading to a more valuable job board experience.
  2. Targeted Job Searches: Job seekers can find jobs that precisely match their skills and experience, saving them valuable time and effort.
  3. Attract Qualified Applicants: Employers can attract candidates with the right qualifications by using relevant job tags.
  4. Improved Candidate Matching: Job tags facilitate better matches between employer needs and candidate skillsets.
  5. Increased User Engagement: Advanced search capabilities keep job seekers engaged and actively searching your job board.

Top 5 Features of WP Job Manager Job Tags Add-on:

  1. Simple Tag Management: Employers can easily add, edit, and remove job tags during the job posting process.
  2. Customizable Tag Cloud: Tailor the appearance of the tag cloud to match your job board’s design and branding.
  3. Integration with Search Shortcode: Seamlessly integrate tag filtering functionality into your existing job board search shortcode.
  4. Limitless Tag Creation: Create as many job tags as needed to comprehensively categorize all job postings on your board.
  5. Tag Search Functionality: Job seekers can directly search for jobs using specific tags within the search bar.


The WP Job Manager Job Tags Add-on is a must-have for any website running a job board with WP Job Manager. By empowering both employers and job seekers with a robust tagging and filtering system, this add-on enhances user experience, promotes targeted searches, and ultimately leads to a more successful job board platform for everyone.

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