WPLoyalty – Points and Rewards for WooCommerce PRO v1.2.8

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Cultivate customer loyalty and skyrocket your sales with WPLoyalty – Points and Rewards for WooCommerce PRO. This feature-packed plugin transforms your WooCommerce store into a rewarding destination, incentivizing customers with points for purchases, reviews, social engagement, and more. Earned points can be redeemed for discounts, free products, or exclusive rewards, fostering a powerful connection between your brand and your customers.

Top 5 Things to Know About WPLoyalty PRO:

  1. Comprehensive Reward System: Design a loyalty program that goes beyond purchases. Reward customers for signing up, leaving reviews, following you on social media, and more.
  2. Highly Customizable: Tailor your program to perfectly match your brand and goals. Set custom point values, design tiered reward structures, and personalize the user experience.
  3. Diverse Reward Options: Motivate customers with a variety of enticing rewards, including discounts, free products, exclusive content, or even mystery gifts.
  4. Seamless WooCommerce Integration: WPLoyalty PRO integrates flawlessly with your WooCommerce store, ensuring a smooth workflow for both you and your customers.
  5. Actionable Analytics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and program effectiveness with detailed reporting and analytics features.

Top 5 Reasons to Use WPLoyalty PRO:

  1. Boost Customer Engagement: Encourage repeat interactions and brand loyalty by rewarding customers for their actions.
  2. Drive Sales and Revenue Growth: Incentivize repeat purchases and higher order values with a compelling rewards program.
  3. Build Stronger Customer Relationships: Foster deeper connections with your customers through personalized rewards and exclusive offers.
  4. Data-Driven Optimization: Leverage reporting tools to understand customer behavior and make strategic adjustments to your program for maximum impact.
  5. Turn Customers into Advocates: Loyal customers become brand advocates, spreading positive word-of-mouth recommendations and attracting new customers.

Top 5 Features of WPLoyalty PRO:

  1. Multi-Action Point Earning: Award points for a variety of customer actions beyond just purchases.
  2. Flexible Reward Options: Offer a diverse range of rewards to cater to different customer preferences.
  3. Tiered Loyalty Programs: Motivate long-term engagement by unlocking greater rewards as customers accumulate points.
  4. Referral Program Integration: Encourage customer acquisition by rewarding referrals with points.
  5. Email Marketing Automation: Send targeted emails to promote your program, incentivize participation, and keep customers engaged.


WPLoyalty PRO empowers WooCommerce store owners to create a loyalty program that fosters customer loyalty, drives sales, and fuels business growth. By offering a comprehensive rewards system, unparalleled customization options, and valuable data-driven insights, this plugin equips you with everything you need to cultivate a thriving community of loyal brand advocates.

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